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10th April 2000, 07:13
This is a communal slap on the wrist for us MURC-o-philes:

The misleading tom's hardware article regarding Overclocked FSB's sparked a heated thread on the Matrox Hardware forum. This was fine, as I think we all knew it was erroneous.

What I didn't like, was that when the author, Silvino, posted to the group, we all degenerated into a bunch of flame-throwing meanies! Heck, I thought I was over at the 3dfxgamers forum http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif .

IMHumbleO, what should have happened is that all of us with P3B-F's and G400's should have helped Silvino diagnose his problem, and when Tom's published an update, which they often do, the corrected info could have been posted, and maybe even a nice little thanks to all the MURCer's who helped get things straightened out.

Rather, I think, we chased Silvino off, and probably with a bad taste in his mouth. This is weird, since usually I've found this group to be one of the most informative, and most polite places I visit http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif . I've actually posted words to that effect on this very forum!

A few caveats:
I actually don't read Tom's much anymore, but only because their new material is sort of few and far between. It seems, however, that his site has fallen out of disfavor of late. Three years ago, that was the defacto hardware site on the net. And IMO, the very thing that made it popular in the first place is the thing that has turned people against it. They take sides. Most sites take an appropriate Uber-Journalist abroach, and are "only the facts, Ma'am". Tom's is quite blatantly anti and pro. They especially seem to hate when marketing overrides technology decisions. We all ate it up when it was "intel = evil, AMD = good", or why AGP or Busmastering were not godsends. But when they criticized certain video manufacturers, (and we all know that vid card loyalties are varied and deep) people wrinkled their noses. In almost no case, though, have I detected false data. Only data used to support an opinion. Not inherently wrong, as long as the reader is made aware that the writer is doing just that. I for one have never been confused on that issue.

So, am I defending Tom's and Silvino? A little. Do I think in this issue they published misleading information? Definitely!!! And, I am a little disapointed that in the weeks following that article, there has been no attempt to clarify the issue on Tom's main site. Silvino's posts here and elsewhere, and in emails that he sent me (I contacted him directly regarding the test, and he was quite friendly) indicated that there would be a retest of some sort, but it has yet to appear. That is too bad, since I feel it would have been a small correction. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

At any rate, you can never have too many friends. And one who writes for a major online site would be nice to have. Not that we would have used any acquaintance to bias their reviews of matrox's cards. But, we certainly should make ourselves available to people who don't use Matrox products exclusivley to help them see the strengths, and iron out any possible problems.

Well, that was a rant, and a long post. I apologize for both. But, a good user forum like this is rare, and I was disappointed that we would treat a user the way we did.


10th April 2000, 09:15
Did you figure out yet that that guy could give a rats ass about the truth or "How to do somthing in a correct manner?

10th April 2000, 11:56
This is actually the first time i ever heard of the guy. I suggested to him that he try it again with the newest mainboard bios, 1005, and his email was receptive to the idea.

Look, I'm not saying there is no blame to be had over at tom's. I'm just discouraging the profanity and such that we used in that thread, and directed at Silvino.

Mark F
10th April 2000, 11:58
Read back over the thread, many attempts were made to offer help and were not accepted. Instead we were snubed as zelots (which we may be, but...). Hey Doc Pabst, has to protect his investment from NVidia.

Mark F.

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10th April 2000, 12:25
Maybe what we do need is for Ant to post a small thesaurus.

When anger swells, emotion disables tact and enables simple, easy to use "words" for expression, choose an alternative from a neat, concise list!

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10th April 2000, 12:36
Good thinking, so shit would become dagnagit, twit twat, the F-word would still be **** etcetera? http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gifJord = Bloomers http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif

btw, that were the longest posts I ever read from LAMFDTK. My compliments!

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10th April 2000, 13:24
To be honest, I saw "tom is full of shit", more than I read "check the AGP multiplier" or "flash the bios". BTW, if it didn't post, it probably wasn't a registry switch (hint, hint). Those who did post suggestions where after the guy probably was chased away, so he probably didn't read them.

Anyway, at this point I could give a flying rat's ass about the tom's article. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif. As I said earlier, I was just doing my civic duty and encouraging a more intellectual discourse...

Happy MURCing.

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10th April 2000, 13:56
I think Dr. Pabst's site inflames passions greater than most. I also think many people interpret what you described as "taking sides" as an nVidia bias. The nVidia endorsement stamp displayed on the site, now thankfully gone, and the Quake3 Test timedemo mess didn't help.

This is a little off-topic, but I feel the need to bring it up. Recently, on Sharky Extreme, a reviewer refered to the Camino chipset as the "robust i820 chipset," or something like that. Boy, I can think of a lot of words to describe Camino boards, but "robust" isn't one of them. "Bust," however, has come to mind. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif