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Brian R.
5th April 2000, 21:33
connected the monitor to the secondary output of the MAX? Wondered why there's no video? DOA computer?

It took me a couple of hours to figure that one out.

6th April 2000, 01:27
The second head on the G400 will only give a signal after you have enabled the dual-head functions !!

Before that it's just a 'dead' head http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


Brian R.
6th April 2000, 05:49
Actually, I intended to attach the monitor to the primary output.

I was a dead head for not reading the number on the card. Come on, someone else must have done this...

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6th April 2000, 06:30
hehehe... i've done that.

Tried to figure it out for a few hours. cleared my CMOS several times, disabled a billion jumpers... nada...
then I RTFM'd. And proceeded to smack myself.

Btw... Dead Heads rock. too bad Jerry Garcia died.

6th April 2000, 06:33
I didn't do that but if it helps... I finally was able to set up a second monitor at home to use the Dual Head capabilities. I had to put the second monitor on the left side of my primary monitor. I tried in vain for about 5 minutes to drag applications to the left side to the second monitor...DOH!!!


6th April 2000, 06:43
Hi Paul,

You did realize that you can set PD up so that it knows the second monitor is on the left... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


6th April 2000, 08:49
Oh!! No!! A double DOH!!!!


6th April 2000, 09:17
This thread is great! I'm sure we all did some boneheaded thing at one time or another. How many times did you forget to put the IDE cable back on or what about the stupid dumbass switch on the back of the power supplies. I remember trying everything to get the power to come on before I realized that stupid switch on the power supply was off http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif I'm sure I've done much worse but can't think of it right now.


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Brian R.
6th April 2000, 11:53
One of my bonehead plays was to install an Alpha cpu heatsink/fan which interfered with installation of the cpu. The cooler hit the cpu mount on the motherboard and I couldn't completely insert the cpu. I had to reinstall the previous heatsink to realize why the computer wouldn't boot. I thought I had killed the processor.

(I ended up melting off part of the cpu mount with a hot screwdriver and using cable ties to hold the cpu onto the mb. After all this, the Alpha didn't improve the performance at all.)

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6th April 2000, 12:48
Okay... Dumb things I did in my life in PC-Land:

1) Try to install a harddrive as slave, but forget to jumper the slave as slave, leaving it on master... Quite annoying !! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

2) Install a second harddrive, either as slave or on second IDE port, and fdisk it to partition it, but forgetting to reboot, then do a format, and be left with two empty drives http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

3) Having learned from 2), install a second harddrive, unhook the first hdd from the flat-cable, format the second hdd, rehook the first hdd, only to find out that it won't boot now as both hdd's have an active partition http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

4) Having learned from 2) and 3), install a new hdd, for the master is about to crash, make a flash backup to the second hdd, unhook the crashed hdd, install the new one, partition it, forget to reboot, format it and find out that you've got 2 empty hdd's again http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

5) We'll learn one day... I hope http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


6th April 2000, 12:55
I too have plugged my monitor into the wrong head, but I quickly figured it out. Hey Jord, while you're on drives, why don't you try this one. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif

1.) Plug the power supply cable in the wrong direction on a floppy and watch the sparks fly. lol http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/biggrin.gif


6th April 2000, 15:50
I still have a hard time remembering which socket the floppy goes on.
Oops, the light stayed on. Goddammit......

Put a CD in upside down and not understand why the drive can't read it?

Static shocked a hard drive.

Forgot to plug in a CPU fan, and wondered why it was so quiet (caught that one quickly).

6th April 2000, 23:23
My computer stupidities :
1) Do a fine installation of a new motherboard, putting all IDE cables very carefully (I hate IDE mess) for about one hour, and then realize I didn't plug the RAM.
2) Try to fit an ATX motherboard in an AT case. Very funny.
3) The master/slave misconfiguration
4) BTW, did I talk about SCSI termination ?
5) Let one of my friends try to remove the heatsink of my once state-of-the-art P2-400 with a hammer. I swear this one is true, the remains of the CPU are still on my desk as a memory.

Corwin the Brute

7th April 2000, 02:36
OK here are mine:
1) Took 1 hour to figure out my computer wasn't booting because I didn't connect the mainboard to the powersupply.
2) Master/Slave stupidity (looks quite standard ;-))
3) Never could install a Floppy disk and make it work the first time. Usually I take as much time to install the floppy than to install the whole computer (That's why my computer doesn't have a floppy drive anymore).
4) Static shocked a mainboard
5) Erasing my father's accountacy MS Money file (with backup!). I swear it will never happen to me again!

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7th April 2000, 05:37
This has to be the worst of them all. After spending hours plugging all the cables in correctly, making sure the cards are in their right slots, I was ready to boot up the machine. Figuring I didn't forget anything, I screwed the top back on and switched on the machine... Nothing happened. I checked the power, everything and tried again. Still nothing. It took me about 20 minutes to realise I didn't slot in the CPU. Boy, did I feel stupid. Luckily nobody was there to see me http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Brian R.
7th April 2000, 09:49
I have recently taken to removing the backing plates from my slot 1 processors. I then installed my new 650E with the 450 PIII backing plate, and installed the 450 backing plate on the 600. That left a 450 with a 600 backing plate and I didn't sort this all out until the 650E and the 600 were installed with the backing plates and heat sinks attached. The 650E was a running computer and the 600 was fresh and not yet running. This meant that, without serious investigation, I couldn't correctly operate the computer which (maybe) contained the 600 until I made sure the 450 was sitting in the box with the 600 backing plate installed.

I am either correct, or I have a 450 running with a 6.0 multiplier at 112 fsb.

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8th April 2000, 05:55
Everyone seems to have a hard time moving the damned jumpers around on IDE hd's to set it to master/slave. I remember once having to set a hd to slave from master, spending half an hour trying to remove the tiny little jumper (I cut my nails the day before), happily putting it where I though it should be going.. And it turned out to be cable select instead of slave. Had to do the quest for removing the jumper again.

Speaking of jumpers, I had no idea what the "RPC" jumper on my newly bought Pioneer DVD-303 was, so I didn't put it on. Which resulted in turning it into a region locked RPC2 drive as opposed to region free RPC1. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif
Permanently. That is, until some nice fellow made a crack so that I could update it back to rpc1.

8th April 2000, 08:37
I recently put together an entire system and forgot to remove the metal pieces that cover the USB connectors on the I/O shield. If I intend to use USB, I will have to disassemble almost the entire system.

I have also forgotten to install the RAM on a new system. (Error Code: a continous loop of long beeps.)


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8th April 2000, 10:12
Well, there was this time early on in multiple SCSI drives, before I started naming them, I formatted the working drive.

8th April 2000, 10:51
Thanks Scompy... so it isn't only me http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

Brian R.
8th April 2000, 21:36
Everyone - Lets take up a collection and give fds a pair of forceps (tweasers) for his birthday.

They come in handy when you are in a hurry attaching the final drive and the last drive attach screw falls into the case, you can't find it for an hour, it is wedged inside a slot or in a memory connection and there are fifty cables, cards, processor fan wires, power wires, power supply (etc.) in the way for your fingers to reach this potential fireball (if you connect the power).

Been there, done that.

9th April 2000, 10:19
heh. I love hearing about all the stupid things that we all have done. I don't feel so bad now.

We should write a book "Idiots Guide To Computer Assembly", or a TV show "Worlds Funniest Computer Bloopers".

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9th April 2000, 18:18
i spent 3 hours trying to find out why my cousin couldnt play any 3d games on his v2 only too realise that it was plugged into itself. Doh!


9th April 2000, 21:35
Reminds me it took me two days to fix the problem of my friends voodoo who didn't want to start up the 3d.
Well, the voodoo was simply not connected to anything, arghhh, two days fiddling in the drivers and so on to see that the black pass-through cable was missing.
I'll always look behind the computer before doing anything.
I'll always look behind the computer before doing anything.

I'll always look behind the computer before doing anything.
I'll always look behind the computer before doing anything.


P.S: I hope I have learned something

Brian R.
10th April 2000, 16:57
I wonder how many of us have purchased a new part for our computer with the expectations of improving its performance. Only then to install it and find there was no improvement or actually a lowering of performance.

Sort of analogous to putting a huge carburetor on a 327 Chevy. You better have the rest of it right or blaah...


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