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22nd March 2000, 09:40
4: try typing the following at the command
prompt (without quotes)
5: well, i tried to do what hunsow said in his reply previously and all it acomplished was a hard stop error when it went to shut down(dumped memory to disk then rebooted, didnt shut down) i do have a via chipset so that may have something to do with it

8: i notice that when you partition your HD in some ways using Partition magic, you end up with a yellow bar where it shows allocated space with error #120 or something like that. normailly when i see that and i want to repartition my hard drive, i back up important stuff, fire up fdisk and kill the partition, Partition magic then normally seems to run without a hitch


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22nd March 2000, 15:03
2. just thought maybe i can uninstall directx7a and install 7..it might get UT working..ohh well

5. control panel power options? cause i did look in there and i didnt see any APM i saw UPS thou.but when i enabled it ..it still does the same thing..only when i shut down my pc and start it again..nothing comes out
http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif , i would have to restart again..to be able to see anything


8. but when i kill the partition w/ fdisk..wont i loose everything? so how do i use partition magic? or do i use fdisk to partition it?

(kill the partition means -- delete the partition right?)

22nd March 2000, 16:30
1. what burnin program works for win2k

2. how do i uninstall directx7a on win2k, and those other stuff i dont need, like the games and shit.

3. anyone using the win millenium beta(how is it)

4. how do i know my ip in win2k?

5. when you shutdown on win2k..does your pc shuts down automatically like in win98? cause mine wont http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

6. do any of you successfully, using dual cpu, able to run UT?

7. do you get better internet connections w/ win2k..oppose to win98?

8. i would like to dual boot (win2k,98) but cant partition my hd..w/ partition magic (i get some kinda error..the proggy runs but i cant partition it) what program should i use the cheaper the better

thanks all

22nd March 2000, 16:57
1. So far I've only used CDRWIN and it works fine, but you need to install an ASPI manager first.

2. DirectX is also used by normal aplications, not just games, you don't want to uninstall that. You can manually delete those games.

3. It sucks, bigtime.

5. Enable APM in the power options.

8 How about FDisk.

23rd March 2000, 02:39
Oh right, you want to keep the data. Did you defrag the drive before running partition magic?

23rd March 2000, 06:29
thats why i say to back up ALL the information on the drive that you want to keep. Otherwise, you WILL lose the stuff.
Oh and that seems to me at least, to be the only way to get past Partition magic errors like 120

24th March 2000, 09:59
I hate to sound like an IRC wierdo, but the official line of #win2000 is:

"If you have to ask these questions, you REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY REALLY shouldn't be running Windows 2000."

- Gurm

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