View Full Version : Help! Importing old values..

30th July 2000, 07:23
You don't.
Old mga.mon files are not compatible with PowerDesk 6.xx

30th July 2000, 08:11
Inspiring short answer!

A bit depressing in content.. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif

But I guess I'd have to life with it. The way one enteres and edits the monitor settings in PD 6+ does have one serious shortfall..

Namely that the monitor one is using while editing has to have the capabilities of the settings. It does exclude the posibility of creating settings for a new monitor, or for a monitor thats not compatible (as in my case) with the current ones settings.

Ah well. Catering for the mainstream - most people uses plug n' pray settings anyhow.


30th July 2000, 16:32
I have come across an old MGA.MON file with just the right settings for my ibm6091 019 fixes sync monitor.

But how do I import these values into a pd601 monitor profile?

Any good ideas are more than welcome!