View Full Version : Powerdesk 5.30

31st January 2000, 14:51
How do I install this and view dvd movies?

1st February 2000, 14:29
I'm assuming that you are upgrading/updating your drivers from a prior version. Matrox has a powerdesk uninstall utility that uninstalls the old drivers. In order of wat to do:

1. Download the new drivers and open them into a separate directory.
2. Download the uninstall utility. After you've logged off, run the uninstall.
3. The 'puter will reboot and ask for new drivers. Choose where you opened the 5.30 drivers. The system will ask to reboot once more. Volla!

As to the DVD, the DVD program should be on the CD-ROM that came with your card (assuming it's the G400). If it's the G200, you may be able to download it from a site. Check thru the various posts in this group, Matrox Hardware and General for links.