View Full Version : PD5.50 G400 PIII 600B TurboGL ---> NO GOOD!

18th January 2000, 03:39
After many troublesome days, I changed my MB from Gigabyte VIA 133 to ASUS BX (which seems to support as well PIII 600B fsb=133MHz). It works well but, as before with PD5.41, TurboGL DOESN'T work with PD5.50 in Q3A: the game exits after the attempt to go in OpenGL (I suppose) going back to W98SE leaving a mess with colors!!
Latest BIOS in MB, in G400 32 MAX DH, WIN98SE. It's frustrating!!!!
More, the icons are corrupted sometimes....

19th January 2000, 20:01
Same s*** happens to me!! im going to get a voodoo 5 when they ship and sell this p.o.s. matrox g400 max!

20th January 2000, 21:11
the 5.50 drivers are faster than turbo GL.

Dont use turbo Gl.

And if it still doesnt work, remember these are beta drivers.