View Full Version : TurboGL not showing in the PD menu - anybody help?

Rob G
13th January 2000, 13:46
I'm running PD5.30 on my G400MAX/ AMD K63 450 setup and all is fine. I've also got the latest TurboGL installed and QuakeIII runs very happily with it.

Something weird though: On the PowerDesk menu (from the system tray) a selection for TGL doesn't exist. I've seen people here comment on selecting it - so where's it gone?

Have I perhaps installed the drivers incorrectly?

14th January 2000, 10:16
I think that 5.41 PD is what you are refering to. I used both 5.3 and 5.41 and in 5.3 there is not a menu for TurboGL.

Rob G
14th January 2000, 10:53
Good to hear! Thought something was wrong.

15th January 2000, 08:38
What OS are you running? I know that with the old TurboGL it was only available with Win98 because Win95 does not support Intel Screaming Sindy Extensions.

I dunno about the new TurboGL. I'm not playing any openGL games at the moment, so I haven't bothered with the new TurboGL.