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28th December 1999, 03:25
I might be a dumbass.

But 5.30 said 2601 3dmark2000 marks.

And 5.41 says 2444.

I have a pIII-500.

Wondering if anyone else is seeing this.

But I might just be a dumbass.

Ami Y. Koriuchi - foxyviolet@hotmail.com
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28th December 1999, 12:29
You know, I detest people who have nothing better to do than complain about their 3dmark numbers. Dude, understand, this is a synthetic benchmark that doesnt actually reflect game performance...it simply reports the results of a stupid test. Just because your numbers go down doesnt mean the card is slower...the new drivers might just be better optimized for NEW games like Q3A and UT, games with features 3dmark doesnt put so much weight on in scoring.

One thing:
Consider yourself lucky that Matrox cares more about true performance than 3dmark numbers...I can remember when ATI released the "Turbo" drivers for their Rage Pro chipset. Sure, they raised the 3dmark numbers by %40, but they LOWERED performance on every game and some games no longer worked. Now, would you rather have drivers optimized for some stupid benchmark, or some drivers optimized for the games you play? 3dmark means NOTHING kid.

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28th December 1999, 15:12
Jesus. Someone's feisty. You "detest" me eh? You see one post containing at 3dmark score, and I've got 'nothing better to do than complain about my 3dmark numbers'. (That's me! At BBQ's and the bingo parlor, they just *can't* get me to shut up about them, I tell ya.)

Maybe my problem is that I use Quake Accelerators, er, uh, I mean the G400, for stuff other than Q3 and UT.

Hate to rain on your Bar Mitzvah, "kid", but I don't think that benchmarks are *completely* irrelevant, especially when it's such a sharp (and visible - in other words it wasn't just the numbers - the difference was plain to see) drop.

Matrox's confounded install method sometimes resets things and changes values. That's why I inquired, maybe somebody would reply, "Yeah, the pd5.41 turns AGP off in some systems, you have to turn it on again" or something.

Or maybe someone would go off on me because they think they're "all that".

(Are you, in fact, "all that" ? Because if you are I'll take all this back. Because there are some people here who are "all that and a bag of chips.")

I see no reason, when I see a discrepancy, to sit there on my thumb. If I want to inquire, I go to the PDesk forum, and ask. It's a miracle of modern technology, (and I tell you, kid, i'm *all about* modern technology. Whiz! Bang!)

I also see no reason for you, whoever you are, to get so damn condescending after a not-even-so-serious 6 line post. If I were you, I'd go watch some wrestling, and take a nap. (I just woke up from mine.)

I hope you feel "big".
And I hope you got everything you wanted for christmas.

Hm. Games do make kids violent.

Ami Y. Koriuchi - foxyviolet@hotmail.com
Asus P2B 1010 - P3-500 - And a G400Max now.
256MB 6NS 70 GB of 10k RPM SCSI UW

You're a ... 'guest' ... of the Master Control Program.

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28th December 1999, 22:51

Madcat complaining about someone "complaining". If that ain't the pot calling the kettle black. You've done nothing but complain since you started posting here a short time ago. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

PurpleHaze has been posting here far longer that you, Madcat, and has far more credibility and respect than you ever will, if you continue to store your cranium in your anal cavity. While I don't generally "count fps" or benchmark everything, I hardly think Ami asking a simple question merits the kind of responce you puked up.

28th December 1999, 23:09
I wish for that 3Dmark2000 to work (C++ error), not for the numbers, but for the demo. You people have seen it a month ago, I never got to see it http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif.

29th December 1999, 02:41
Well, let's see, MadCat...

Your response generated: one solid slap (claws in, lucky for you); one pre-evisceration swat from Kruzin; one abstention.......and this response, which can be categorized as either "flexing my knife hand", or "setting the table".

Since you're a mini-MURCer, who seems to not have either a)read the FAQ; or b)hung around here for any length of time; I'll be gentle and explain it to you in small words.

When someone starts a post with "I might be a dumbass", and then asks a question, correct MURC forum etiquette is not to insult them, and <u>definitely</u> not to explain the "facts of life" as <u>you</u> (in your limited wisdom) know them, as if <u>they</u> are stupid.... you never know who you're talking to... oh, sorry, that's from the FAQ you didn't read.

But then again, you didn't read Ami's post either, or you would have seen that it wasn't a complaint, but a simple question she was asking.

And of course, if you'd been around here for a while, you'd know better than to think that Ami is really a dumbass, and you'd know how to handle a pre-question disclaimer.

As it happens, <u>I</u> detest people who shoot off their mouths like they are some magnanimous bearer of knowledge, when they are so clearly ignorant of .... oh, any number of things... so I'm hoping you come back swinging.

Then Ant will send you over to the Box, and we'll get to....play with you....

Who's bringing the potato salad, btw??


....oh, and *phz...sorry I don't have an answer, but I wonder: has anything else changed? I might myself be a dumbass, but I'm thinking that if you've been working a lot lately, you might have a bit of a clog on your HDD (defrag?), or if you upgraded or installed any new 3D rendering proggy's, that might have slowed it down a bit. I mean, it looks like a small drop to me, and I wonder if it's possible that other factors are involved besides the drivers. But I know nothing at all about 3DMark; I'm just speculating intuitively, for what that's worth http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif.

29th December 1999, 06:42
Sorry about the reacton. Im making my way away from larger crummy forums and such, and toward smaller forums where people actually talk about meaningful things. In any case, I can pick the two most over-posted topics right off the top of my head:
"Why are my (insert generic benchmark here) scores so low" or the ever-popular, ultra-general "whats the best video card?" And so, almost every post would result in a flame war over something as meaningless as a benchmark, and it made me sick. Sorry I reacted the way I did, I didnt mean to insult you PurpleHaze.

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