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23rd December 1999, 12:36
I have two problems.
1. Here is a question regarding SCALA MM200. Recently I got G400 Dualhead. I used the Dualhead Clone option and cleared the DVDMAX. I set my all resolutions to 800x600x16 bit and force fullscreen mode in MPEG EX to 800x600x16 bit. The MPEG file plays fine, but the last frame hangs on the screen. The script keeps on running (as I can hear the sounds from the subsequent pages) but the last frame of the MPEG stuck to the sceen. Now ESC doesnt work. I have to press ALT+TAB and again ALT+TAB to restore scala. If I have pressed ESC, it returns to Main Shuffler without any error message, if ESC is not pressed the script continues to play normally.

I have tried all the combinations of the options in the MPEG EX menu, but without success except when I set the Force Full screen mode to 800x600x24 bit colour it runs normal. But when the mode changes, it takes about two seconds, blinks the screen and this is not what I want.

When I set Hardware acceleration to none in the Control Panel ->System ->Performance ->Graphics, It works ok, but the MPEG looks BAD.

Hey, this is the first time I am facing this type of the problem. The same setup works fine with Asus V3400, SiS 6323, Creative Graphic Blaster Extreme and S3 Trio.

I have tried Matrox driver 5.30 and 5.20 and also the WHQL certified drivers, all with the same result.

OS is Win95 OSR2.1, DirectX 7
Help is needed urgently... The matter is urgent or I have to switch the (Good) graphic card for a less better one. 2 second gap and sreen blinking is something that wont do.

2. I want to play a PAL 720x576 MJPEG AVI file with DVDMAX using software decompressors. I tried Morgan and PICVideo. But the clip doesnt show on the TV. Other (Non MJPEG) clips runs fine.

Thanx for ur patient, and Thanx in advance.

- Asit

27th December 1999, 10:02
Matrox Technical Support, Where r u?
I thought only Asus TSD is like that!

27th December 1999, 10:40
This site is not an official Matrox run tech support site.

I don't know how to help you out on this one, though.

28th December 1999, 02:41
Ok, but they(Matrox persons) didnt replied my mail (and thats just like Asus).

And, secondly, they must be reading the messages posted here!!

- Asit