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Don DN
13th November 1999, 11:47
Since moving to the latest NT 4.31 drivers my system locks up and needs a reset every time I launch IE 5 to surf the Web - Moving back to the previous 4.22 drivers and everything works OK as before . . . I've tried a complete uninstall and reinstall using the procedure described on the Matrox site but the result is the same, system locks up after a few seconds of surfing with 4.31, no such problem with 4.22 . . .

My system:

Asus P2B-S (1011 Bios)
Matrox G400 MAX (Bios 1.5.22)
PII 400@448MHz (112MHz FSB)
128 MB PC 100 RAM
Windows NT 4 (SP 5)
IE 5 (Ver 5.00.2314.1003IC)


Don DN . . .

13th November 1999, 12:15
Yup, I am having very similar kinds of problems with my NT4 system. I did not directly associate it with IE5, though, but it is what I am using for my primary web browser on that box. My system beeped, and then it just hung, bad. After it did that 3 times in one day, I knew that PD 4.31 was the only change I made.

I went back to PD 4.22 and everything is OK again.

Abit BP6 with dual celery 333 overcooked to 460 (92 MHz FSB)
Matrox Mil G200 AGP 8MB SGRAM
Sound Blaster PCI 512
generic VIA Rhine 10/100BT NIC
NT4 SP5 and IE5

Something is definitely not right with PD 4.31 with my NT system.

Don DN
13th November 1999, 21:46
Hi Thundrchez,

I saw your post and wondered if there was a connection http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif . . . This is definitely a repeatable problem on my system, installing PD 4.31 (using the complete uninstall procedure described on the Matrox site to remove previous drivers) and the lockups in IE 5 happen every time, a little time after attempting to access a site - reinstalling PD 4.22 and all's well again . . . I used the new drivers normally for around a day before logging on at the weekend to do some surfing, hadn't noticed any other problems besides those associated with IE 5 . . .

Don DN . . .

17th December 1999, 08:49
I have just re-ghosted 35 PIII 450's with G200 SDRAMS and NT4 SP6a and PD 4.34. I am seeing the exact same problems on a LOT on the machines!

Sudden freezes, no Dr. Watson, nothing. The only thing I can do is to power the machine down. Just like you I was rock steady on PD 4.22. But I was also running SP5 at the time not SP6a like I'm trying to now.

Matrox HELP!!! I still have 75 more G200 based machines that I was going to re-ghost this weekend.


PIII 500
G400 32MB
128MB PC100
Win 98 SE
DirectX 7

PIII 500
G400 32MB
128MB PC100
NT4 SP6a