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13th December 1999, 08:18
I just went from ASUS txp4-x to P5a (from 233mmx to AMD6 III -450) with mystique, m3d, and rr - similar to others in forum - same problem - no powerdesk, yet using matrox driver, cannot repeat cannot use hardware acceleration - when i try it the monitor has extra lines, extra icons, etc. as if the video chip is being overclocked...went to 100 from 66 using PC100sdram 128 meg...please help..
i am planning to upgrade to 400MAX with rr but this problem could remain??

13th December 1999, 19:54

re not being able to use video hardware accelerator.....-"For those using the ASUS P5A, it is highly recommended to disable the Frame Buffer Poster Write option in your Bios"..

ok, now what was it supposed to do....(asus indicates that "Enabling (default) this feature will increase the efficiency of the CPU-to VGA frame buffer cycle. Leave on default setting"

say what??? explanation please!!

looks great now to buy the 400max and rr!! or the G400 Marvel ---any comparisons????

great faq and MURC lives!!!

14th December 1999, 21:37
not too sure what this option does but it seems to be affecting a lot of video card... not only matrox...