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17th November 1999, 09:44
I've just bought 10 movies during my last trip in N.Y. They are all NTSC.
To see it on TV without frame loss (and stuttering) I have to set my G400
card to NTSC. But I obtain a very poor image on TV compared to PAL. I've
been told the solution is to set PAL to 60hz. But how is it possible with
Matrox card? changing the value from the normal control panel returns me an
I know PAL standard is 50hz. But is it possible to force it at 50hz?
Please, help me. I'm very satisfied with my G400 card, but I need this
Thank you.

17th November 1999, 13:47
Ciao Sharkyz!

I think the problem is not if the G400 can produce a forced PAL output @ 60Hz (anyway this is no more a PAL!) but if a TV PAL set can manage a video signal @ 60Hz! ...I think just it cannot. Eventually the solution is a multistandard TV or some expensive broadcast video standard converter!

17th November 1999, 14:00
If my TV can't handle NTSC, why NTSC is accepted (=I can see it). The poor image quality is relate to screen resolution.

17th November 1999, 14:53
All my DVDs are NTSC and they play perfectly on my PAL TV. Sorry don't know what to suggest.

17th November 1999, 15:26
But the poor image is a fact!
Sometime a TV PAL set can lock a NTSC video but the quality is bad (ie B/w image or other...).

Bye Bye ...Mark8...

17th November 1999, 15:36
Ehm... Ant,

Obviously you have checked the output PAL option for G400 (ie 25 frames per second and 625 lines per field!) and not the NTSC one!
Frame loss when change the std from NTSC to PAL is need.


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17th November 1999, 16:13
Not sure all I know is I have NTSC DVDs, hooked up my PAL TV and I get perfect picture quality and playback. Don't have it hooked up at the moment so can't check.

18th November 1999, 08:11
Excuse me Ant i would know if you use the G400 TV output to display your DVDs (ie the composite TV output) and if you have choose the PAL-TV-output option in screen properties-advanced-tv option.


21st November 1999, 05:36
I too get the judder...
Would sure like to fix it,
though some of my friends have watched movies with me and they've said they havent noticed it, so i guess its one of those personal things.

12th December 1999, 07:19
Playing an NTSC DVD on a PAL TV gives perfect image quality, but a slight stutter every few seconds. This is best noticed when something is moving slowly across the scene (person walking from left to right or something like that). I personally found that enabling 3:2 pulldown reconstruction helps a lot to minimize the effect.

BUT the original poster of this thread is right, the solution is to output PAL at 60Hz! I know it sounds ridiculous, I though it was stupid too until I stumbled accros a computer magazine with a very detailed explanation of a lot of DVD terms etc (the Dutch C'T of december 99). Apparently every DVD player (hardware) does just this thing when outputting NTSC DVD's to a PAL TV. And almost every PAL TV is capable of 60Hz. Actually it even has a semi-official name: PAL60. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

So if the G400 could be but in PAL60 mode somehow (registry hack, or a plea to Matrox perhaps?) we could all watch NTSC DVD's on our PAL TV's as they were meant to look.

12th December 1999, 10:39
So if the G400 could be but in PAL60 mode somehow (registry hack, or a plea to Matrox perhaps?) we could all watch NTSC DVD's on our PAL TV's as they were meant to look.

Unfortunatly Matrox support -> "Daniel Lawrence @ MGI Technical Support (Level 2)"
sais they have no plans for offering this feature - and I don't think we can add
it with a registry hack. So there's only 2 things to do, hope that Daniel don't
know what's going on with the Driver development team, or get someone who has
influence with matrox to plea for this feature.

Although some cinemaster settings makes the problem less noticable, it's still a problem,
movies still stutter, and if you'd like to use other (better) software such as WinDVD
then there's no way to fix the stutter.

If I set output to NTSC it's perfect - no stutter, but it's only B/W since my TV
don't support NTSC. The issue that NTSC looks worse than PAL will still be there with
PAL60, because PAL60 is in very simple terms - NTSC with PAL color coding.

The only way to completely cure the problem is real NTSC -> PAL framerate conversion,
but I would settle for PAL60 (if we get that - then we can ask for framerate conversion)