View Full Version : Powerdesk 5.41 and Mouse jitter :(

11th December 1999, 08:26

Strange problem after installing powerdesk V5.41 My mouse which is a Logitech Pilot using Logitech Mouseware moves really erratic.. It seems to skip and jerk it's way around the screen.. anyone else noticed any problems?? I reverted back to V5.30 and it's working fine again..

11th December 1999, 10:12

never heard of such a problem... you should report it to Matrox... Have you tried disabling Mouseware or at least Smartmove option?


11th December 1999, 20:22
A number of people seems to be reporting odd mouse problems with 5.4. Try reinstalling the latest version of MouseWare. (worked for me.)
Keep in mind that PS2Rate is unneccesary, as MouseWare can (and will)change the polling rate by itself.

12th December 1999, 00:16
I have powerdesk 5.41 installed and it works with Logitech Mouseware 18.62 (my mouse is mouseman USB). For me sometimes it works no perfectly but the most of the time it is fine.

My system is MVP3 with k6-2 300Mhz and G200 card