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12th November 1999, 10:19
Is Turbo gl on PD 5.3? I read somewhere that it is only available fromthe website. Can't find that thread. I recieved Pd 5.3 from Matrox directly. Cant seem to find it on the little blue screen at the bottom of the screen. Any help appreciated. Mark

12th November 1999, 14:51

The turbo GL is indeed included in the 5.30 drivers. Simply remember that it only works with a PIII or a K7

12th November 1999, 15:38
Assuming you are using a PIII or K7 then during the installation of the 5.30 drivers it will prompt you to install the TGL. It will look for OGL games in your system and... voilą!

13th November 1999, 08:05
Yes, PD 5.3 contains the Turbo GL, and it does require a PIII or K7.

However, does the Turbo GL also require Win98? When I installed the PD 5.3 drivers on my Win95/PIII/G400 box, it did not go through the HD program search. Perhaps Win95 is too brain damaged to properly identify the PIII, and thus PD 5.3 does not think it has the right CPU to install Turbo GL.

Everything went great with the Turbo GL when my box was Win98/PIII/G400. However, I wanted to go back to W95 so that I could NOT install IE4/IE5. It is amazing how much faster things run without all that bloated overhead. Bootup time is extremely notably faster!

Also, if I install Quake3 *after* I installed PD 5.3, how would I get the Turbo GL setup for Quake3? I assume I would have to use the Matrox uninstaller, and then run the PD 5.3 setup?

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13th November 1999, 09:29

BTW: why is the TurboGL not compatible with
an AMD K6-3 ? If the 3DNow! implementations
between the Athlon and the K6-2/3 are so
different, the whole thing isn't worth much
I'd like to know from someone at Matrox why
K6-2/3s were left out, even if it would have
been a little slower. (Which I doubt, the
Voodoo2 MiniGL runs steaming circles around
the G400 on my K6-3 400, so Matrox could have
done something similar for the G400 I suppose.)

13th November 1999, 09:58
The TurboGL won't work with 95, because 95 does not support the 3D instructions of P3/K7.

They did not "ignore" K6/P2 owners. They released what they had ready at the time. Matrox continues to work on TGL and the full ICD, and will not forget us P2/K6 users...

14th November 1999, 16:44
I really hope you're right.
The 3DNow! enhanced MiniGL driver for the Voodoo2 cards shows impressively what potential the K6-2/3s have, and I'd hate to see it wasted on the G400.
For now, I'm definitely keeping my V2.

19th November 1999, 10:18
After you instal Quake 3 ..for example...right click on Quickdesk icon..you should have option..TurboGL manager...just run it and scan for compatable games.

Also anyone had any probs with half life and turboGL or q3 demo(not1.08)? I can run HL most times in Turbogl but q3 wont ..it needs openGL.And Sometimes I just get dumped back to desktop when playing HL or q3.I got Athlon 550 and FIC Mobo plus G400 Max 32Mb dual head.Thanks http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif


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