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13th November 1999, 14:48
Running the G400SH on a Gateway G6400 (Intel Tabor mobo, 400mz PII, 128mb RAM).

OpenGL screensavers (those installed by Win98SE) BY THEM SELVES work fine. However, if I enable "turn off monitor" in power management under Win98, I will get a GPF when I move the mouse or press a key.

Any thoughts/suggestions?

13th November 1999, 17:47
Hi Cputnam,

I had a problem similar to that one...

try going to the BIOS, to Powermanagement section.
In mine, i have an option to change the way the monitor will be turned off.
I can set it to:
- Blank screen
- DPMS Standby
- Turn Off H Sync+V Sync

maybe you have similar options... try them and see if it solves your Error..