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5th November 1999, 10:21
The other day i added some memory to my computer...
I upgraded from 256 MB to 384 MB SDRAM

Power off... add a DIMM ... reboot...
(I had drivers 5.15)

and i rebooted in 640X480 ..

but my surprise was when i looked in the video display setting...

= usualy my maximum resolution was
1600X1200 in all color depth...=

but now i had 1900 X ( something ) for a maximum...

I tried the resolution and my monitor accepted it...

now after some reboots, i lost the extra resolutions..
it went back to 1600 X 1200...

Why ???
How can i bring my extra resolutions back again ??

In the BIOS i say something like Graphics apreture size.... it was set to 256 MB...
does it have to do with my experience ??

Thanks for your help!..


Maxtrox Marvel G200-TV AGP.....|.Windows 98 SE
PII 400 Mhz ( no overclock )......|.Maxtor 9.1 Gb (IDE)
Asus P2B...............................|.Western Digital 8.4 Gb (IDE)
384 Meg RAM..........................|.Maxtor 27.2 Gb (IDE)
SB16 AWE32...........................|.Lexmark 7000
Cable Modem

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5th November 1999, 21:05
Quite odd since the maximum resolution under 98 should be 1600X1200.
As a comment, unless I'm mistaking 98 will only use a maximum of 128 megs of ram although it is detecting your 384 megs. Unless you have dual boot with NT I don't see the use of having more http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/redface.gif

6th November 1999, 03:36
do you have the right monitor selected?

6th November 1999, 10:39
Hi Jazz,
by the way , yes, i have NT4 in another partition, and Linux Mandrake...
( i like to experiment with different OS.. Linux is new for me... but i don't know how to make it work as well as windows..)

Paul , i think you're in the right way..
i checked monitor settings and My Marvel CAN go as far as 1920 X 1440 ... but between 1600 X 1200 and 1920 X 1440, it'S marked as UNAVAILABLE due to the monitor settings...

that made me think why windows could think i changed my monitor suddently...

I checked my monitor plug behind the computer and it was not all the way in...
So maybe windows thought i had a better monitor ...because 1 or 2 pins were not entirely "plugged" ..

That's my théory..

Thanks for all your help!


7th November 1999, 12:33
You're lucky you're monitor handled the high res.
Sometimes, I'll reboot and leave the computer. Come back later, shake the mouse, and I've got 640x480. Then I scratch my head. Did I try something? I change back to 1280 and continue on. Some of this stuff you cant dwell on

k6-3 450 @500 - tyan 1590s bios 1.16 - wdac310100 - g200 mill sgram w/8mb upgrade & bios 2.6-20 PD 5.25 - AGP1x - 128MB 10ns sdram - sblive value 2.1 - 3com 3c905b-tx - cable access (28.8k for emergencies) - win98 service pack 1 + 2

12th November 1999, 16:06
When a monitor is still OFF when windows proceeds with monitor detection, your monitor can't be identified correctly, and you end up with a "default" (Win98 and up) or "unknown" (Win95) monitor which has no resolution limitations. If you reboot a second time, but leave your monitor ON, the monitor will be properly detected and your original maximum resolution will reappear.

In any case, if you want to add resolutions higher than your current max res, simply use the Matrox Monitor "adjust a different mode" wizard, select the resolution you want (even if it is listed as unavailable), test it, save, and you're done.

Hope this helps a bit http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif


12th November 1999, 17:11
Thanks Phoenix,
that's exactly what my friend told me..

and it fits with the real thing i experienced..

I have a viewsonic P775 (17")
and when adjusting monitor settings with powerdesk, each time i change one setting there's a miss-sync in the output of the video card, detected by the monitor, and then it does a blankscreen for about a second...
so any adjustement is very penible...
i hear each time a relay click inside the monitor... ( like a protection in case the refresh rate becomes too high when at a high resolution ... )

with the 15" of my other computer... there's no delay...

Well... aside that little thing... i love my P775 ! http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

I thank you all again for responding to my post.

Mig http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif