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10th November 1999, 06:14
I've read the info on the new PD 5.3 driver set. I have a question. Do I use the uninstall on the Matrox folder on My Computer or use the uninstall on the utility folder on the cd rom that came with my G400 Max. Do I delete the matrox folder that the previous PD installed. I have a Pentium 3 Asus combo. My new PD 5.3 files are on .exe floppies. Does this replace the software for DVD also. Thank You for any help. Mark

10th November 1999, 08:00
You can use the uninstall on the CD or the one from their web site (it's the same thing I think).
As for the folder from your previous drivers you can delete it. The drivers don't affect any other software (DVD is only available on your CD).

11th November 1999, 18:20
not too sure what your question is... can you be a bit clearer? What do you mean by using the uninstaller? the powerdesk uninstaller?