View Full Version : g400 crash with ss7 system?

3rd November 1999, 01:00
i'm using the OEM version of 32mb DH, and my system is FIC-PA2013 1MB Cache 98SE with laterest via service pack but i always hang in AGP 2X mode after using the computer or play games for few mins ,the screen will become un-readable and many "colour dots" come out i need to pass ctrl+alt+del or reset bottom to reset my system.
teh bios of my g400 is 1.5 and core speed is 144,memory is 192(read from power strip) and bith the g400 and my system are not overclocking(but even i o/c or not o/c ,this problem also occured)

3rd November 1999, 03:16
I am using the same mobo without any problems. Two important things : You NEED to have the 4 in one patch installed from www.viatech.com (http://www.viatech.com) and it is important the USB was enabled in your BIOS prior to installing Windows.. else you are probably missing some critical files to run your OS