View Full Version : PD 5.3 TV standards

27th October 1999, 10:30
I have a G400 MAX and PowerDesk 5.30. Under the DualHead tab there is this TV standard selection. The problem is that I would like to watch R1 DVDs in a PAL TV. It works, but the movie "stops" sometimes. I believe this is corrected by using a tv-out standard called PAL60 but unfortunately this is not listed in PD 5.30. Has anyone else faced this problem and/or possible found a workaround for it? If not do you see that there is even a chance that this feature will sometime be available?

28th October 1999, 03:29
i doubt so since R1 movies are encoded with 30 frames per sec and your pal can only display 25... It is hence normal for you to have this result.

1st November 1999, 21:00
The frams/sec wouldn't have much to do with it as the memory on the card would buffer it. They only set the DVD to PAL or NTSC so as to make it easier for nontechnical people to just plug it in and play (and to add to trouble caused by the reginal encodeing).
On my old system I had 1st generation DVD&decoder card and once I got the crack I could watch eather PAL or NTSC DVD on Eather PAL or NTSC TV without any problems.

PS Most TVs are quite flexible in there syncing these days and will sync to just about anything under 60Hz or so leaveing the only problem with the color conversion between the 2 standards(PAL is beter at color than NTSC(Never Twice Same Color).