View Full Version : NT4sp5:G400 DH Clone to TV - Monitor = 60 Hz

25th October 1999, 12:42
I've got Millenium G400 32Mb DualHead.
I installed it on WinNT 4.0 sp5 with PD 4.22. In dualhead 'clone' mode both - TV and monitor uses 60 Hz (too low). Is it due to limitations of PowerDesk in WinNT? May be there are some registry hacks?

thanks in advance.

25th October 1999, 13:53
This should be related to drivers... maybe this feature will be added in newer drivers.

1st November 1999, 20:41
I'm on another PC at the moment but I think there is an option under dual-head=>tv-clone or DVDmax settings that says something about locking refresh rates between the monitors