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30th October 1999, 03:35
anybody know if it is possible to use the G400 drivers, dll/vxd etc from PD5.3 with the mgaqdesk from 4.2 or w.h.y.???

or should I expect smoke.....


30th October 1999, 06:48
why would you want to do this? are you talking about older drivers or the 4.22 for NT? In either case this shoudl not work... not too sure why since I am not a programmer but still...

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31st October 1999, 07:33
If I'm not mistaking Matrox removed all virtual desktop features after the 4.26 drivers (I'm pretty sure those have the feature).
So if you are using a G400 you are out of luck. No 4.x drivers will work with that card.

31st October 1999, 08:05
virt. desktop also removed from all certified drivers

31st October 1999, 16:03
well, out of ignorance or w.h.y. I supposed that the virtual desktop feature was supplied by qdesk which fed data, or something, about it to the actual card 'drivers' - any of the 'complete' powerdesk installs I have examined do not have drivers for G400 except 5.xx which don't have virt desktop?

I have tried to install 4.51 (G200 drivers) but got a message about 'no matrox card installed'!!

what d'ya think?