View Full Version : PD 5.30 conflicts with Ramdrive.sys

24th October 1999, 21:28
My AsusP2B PII-350 440BX has 128MB of RAM and is running Win98. I always have Ramdrive.sys running with 32MB allocated to it.

After uninstalling driver 4.51 using the PD-uninstaller, I installed driver 5.30.

Thereafter, bootup will fail with message "Error allocating memory in real mode in IOS".

Bootup will only work with Ramdrive.sys removed.

Anyone with similar problem? Any idea if PD 5.25 or PD 5.20 has similar problem?

Any reply will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

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25th October 1999, 03:36
why would you need ramdrive anyway? These program only create problems... but yes I heard similar issues with the 5.X... might be related to the 32 bit coding of the drivers... If this is the case, you will eiter need to use the 4.x drivers or remove ramdrive (which I would have done a long time ago http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif )

25th October 1999, 03:58
Dear Zwisch,

Thank you for your reply. I do quite a fair bit of video editing, and find that using the ramdrive reduces lots of harddisk I/O. Somehow, even with 128MB of ram with no other apps running, Win98 swaps alot, fragmenting the harddisk in no time.

Do you think that PD 4.x is 16 bit coded?

Any reply will be greatly appreciated, thanks.

25th October 1999, 13:49
all 4.x drivers with the exception of the 4.5x are indeed 16 bit.