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17th October 1999, 03:44
HI !!!

Wath does this mean that i found under the new driver???

Not compatible with the Matrox DVD module or the Rainbow Runner G. Hardware DVD and RRG users can use the 4.33 driver.

Will I experience some problems with my DVD-player if I install the new drivers???


17th October 1999, 14:43
This is meant for G200 users using the DVD hardware module that comes with Zoran... Simply remember that Zoran is not compatible with any 5.x drivers. No problems for G400 owners.


El Mariachi
22nd October 1999, 07:10
Eh Zwisch, are you saying that the DVD upgrade (which is for the G-series) on a G400 board will work with a PD5.xx driver ?

El Mariachi

22nd October 1999, 16:11
no, this should still not work since the problem itself lies in the Zoran software... So we can simply say that the DVD module will not work with the G400... in any case, I do not see why one would like to use Zoran when you have the much better program bundled with the G400... might be software, but plays very nicely and is more compatible...

23rd October 1999, 17:29
From what I've seen the connectors are different anyway. I think their web page is misleading... Hope they'll change that.


23rd October 1999, 17:51
phisically they are compatible... the limitation is strictly software.

23rd October 1999, 18:34
Oops... http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/redface.gif
I just looked. They are the same. Sorry for misleading you.

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