View Full Version : powerdesk won't work

2nd October 1999, 23:11
I have a Marvel G200 and the powerdesk software won't load properly. It installs but then when I click on the Matrox Display in the Control Panel it won't work. Plus Vidtools 1.21 won't load because it says I don't have the right Matrox drivers installed even though obviously I am using the drivers to display with. Will someone email me their system ini or something so I can see what drivers they have loaded for this card. I am at my wits end.

3rd October 1999, 10:59
Which driver version are you using? There is one specifically made for the Marvel G200 and the beta video tools - ver. 5.15.

Second, did you uninstall the prior drivers? This might also be causing the problem. Suggest uninstalling the current set of drivers, reinstall ver. 5.15 and the the video tools.

6th October 1999, 16:09

Always make sure that your acceleration is set to full for graphics, if not, the powerdesk will never work. Also, remember to use the 1.5x video tools with any 5.X display drivers.


20th October 1999, 08:42
I encountered the same problem. I used the "Uninstall Utility" which is supposed to delete registry entries, etc. Then I installed VT1.21 & PowerDesk 5.15.

My TV Tuner told me I was in 4 bit mode, though the settings were 16 bit, and none of the PowerDesk programs would work (the .exe files couldn't be found!).

I finally uninstalled everything & went back to the version supplied on my original cd.