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Dolf ten Bruggencate
14th October 1999, 12:28
I have found over and over again, that installing the powerdesk 5.3 driver and then DX7 will causes strrrraaange random lockup's especially in 2d mode.

I have tried several reinstalls of w98se and then de dx7 and then the pd3.0
drivers. Lockups occur frequently in the blue setup screens of programms.


If I use DX 6.1 instead, I encounter no lockups, and get a 8 procent beter
framerate in Quake 3a that with DX7 !!

Maybe this will help alot of peaple with lockups and crashes.

My System:

P450III @ 600mhz (will also lockup with DX7 @ 450mhz)
Asus P3bf bios 1003A
Siemens 8 ns 128mb
G400 @ 145mhz PD 3.0
DX 6.1
adaptec 2940uw + quantum atlas IV 9,1g + plextor 40tsi + yamaha writer 4x
Win98 SE Dutch language (clean install)
Haupauge Win TV/Radio
Teles Isdn modem

Initial D
14th October 1999, 12:43
Well, I don't got any problem with PD5.30 in 2D at all. /w DX7 or not, no problem.
Everything works fine
Just can't get it work in 3D.
Ahh, BTW
Does any body have this problem?
lately I brought 2 games, the C&C 2 TBSUN and the AoE2 Age of Kings. The game play is fine, but the video play back is sooooo laggg.
but i can play Video no problem in normal GUI mode. Just some in game video are choppy and lags.
Anybody got solution? Thanks a lot~

Dolf ten Bruggencate
14th October 1999, 13:13
Where It reads Powerdesk 5.3 It should of course be powerdesk 3.0 But sorry "initial d"
can't help you out here... Iv'e always had
the same problem as you with those
dumb ass video's.

Dolf ten Bruggencate
14th October 1999, 13:19
Can anybody delete this friggin thread.
I'm ashamed I've seemed te screwup big time. What we are really talking about are the Matrox G400 POWERDESK 5.30 DRIVERS.

Please excuse me.......

(kill me now a put me out of my misery)

15th October 1999, 05:58
Never mind, we know what you mean, so no killing yet http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

About the lagging of the video: Do both of you cache your cd-rom drives?? If so, you could try to set the cache to minimal (if not totally kill it) and preferably set the cd-rom to don't read ahead.

That should cut the lag in video-playing.

Don't know a solution for the DX-hickups http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/frown.gif


15th October 1999, 06:01
Although: Dolf, which DX7 do you use? The one with Win98SE or have you downloaded it from the internet?

If the latter, did you use the international version?? If you have d/led the US or UK version, there's no Dutch installed in those versions. It is in the international DX7. http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Jorden (Dutch too, groetjes he!)

Dolf ten Bruggencate
17th October 1999, 02:22

I dl "DX7 retail 700.1" from some site. I a dutch help file comes with it, so conclude that it must be an international version.

I gonna dl th Us version and see what gives.
By the way , any Idee where i can find
Q3A 1.09 ?? And is there anyway to switch on the "bots".

17th October 1999, 07:39
Q3Test 1.08 is the latest version. http://www.q3center.com/files/

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