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13th October 1999, 10:21
I have noticed that many super7 users install the graphics driver first and then the VIA drivers. This is _WRONG_. The VIA drivers should be installed as early as possible. If you have GPF's at shutdown this is what causes it. If you got other wierd problems, first try to run with NO PCI cards.

I've been testing PD 5.x alot and have come up with this:

1. Bus mastering in 2D couses instability (lockups with busmastering apps, like photoshop). This can be disabled with the BusMastering2D entry set to 0 in registry (settings/engine). Bus mastering in 3D seems to work fine so there is no need to disable that (and loosing 20%+ in perf)

To test if you have this instability, use PCIList 1.12. (it will freeze)

2. 5.30 drivers couses GPF when any 3D accelerated app is started. Have not been able to work this one out.

3. All PD 5.x drivers seem unaware of the problem with AGP2X on super7 and tries to force is at some occatins (running refresh in PCIList is one of them). The registry entries for AGP doensn't seem to affect anything.

Initial D
13th October 1999, 11:39
Know what?
Nothing to do with VIA's AGP Driver
U need to reinstall the AGP driver Everytime after U install a new video Driver.
I can enable everything to it's fastest settings using 5.21 or Earlier driver.
but with 5.30, even I disable Everything, AGP1x, AgP Aparture size, whatever... it will still got errors.
Just forget about the 5.30, I'm gonna to stick with 5.21 with Everything set to Fastest and be happy.

13th October 1999, 12:36
Hmm.. I don't know what you mean with "Nothing to do with VIA AGP driver"

However, the VIA AGP driver is active after display driver installation (can be verified with for example norton system info).

I cannot verify if the driver needs to be reinstalled after display driver installation, but since I don't get the problems that I do get without installing VIA AGP at all, it surely does not seem to be the case.

I don't think I tested the 5.21 drivers (wheren't they for a special purpose?) but mabye I should if you have such good experience with them...

13th October 1999, 17:50
Would this cause crashes in UT in D3d. I get a garbled screen and flickers with busmastering. It runs fine with busmastering off, but too damn slow.
So i should uninstal the vid card. remove all other pci cards. start up and use standard vga drivers. then install the VIA patch. then the matrox G400 MAX and drivers. then all other pci cards.
what can i do if other devices try to use the same irq and they wont let me set them to a different one manually!
PLease help!

Thanx : )