View Full Version : G400 DH crashes different NT 4 duals

2nd October 1999, 10:55
I installed the G400 DH under NT4 /SP3 & SP5
on two different PII Dual Boards (Asus/Gigabte).
The Gigabyte is quite minimalistic:
- SBlive value
- 3Com Etherlink XL (100 MBit LAN)
- G400 DH
- one IDE channel
- hardware dongle for 3dsMAX
so I useD to hope it would run,
but the system crashes with SOME software.
The fastest way to try is to right click a HHD for viewing the properties.

the result: blue screen.

None of the drivers I uses does it.

The error appears with single as dual head.

The ASUS is quite equal equipped; additions:
- DPS Perception video recorder
- 78xx U2 SCSI

Who knows help?

6th October 1999, 16:10

First thing to make sure is that PNP OS is disabled in yor BIOS. Also if you are using any dial up programs such as pcanywhere, be sure to uninstall them before isntalling your drivers.


12th October 1999, 03:02

You're right! I use Timbuktu.
I solved the prob by installing the drivers of the original Matrox CD; when there is a loooong day I maybe try to update referring your hints.

12th October 1999, 15:56

Removing the program, updating the drivers and reinstalling it should work... If you look in your display properties, under setting and display type, i gess you have a driver from Timbukto installed in teh display drivers!! This is why you now have problems updating any video card drivers!!