View Full Version : Well well well. PD 5.30

11th October 1999, 05:49
Another Powerdesk to try and fry my machine! But like a fool I will try and install it.

Anybody who has been keeping up with the various stories about overheating Gx00 chips, BSOD, lockups and random display corruption, or has suffered them will identify with the trepidation that I approach this installation with.

I will follow the Matrox manual deinstallation method to the letter, then install 5.30. Anyone fancy setting up a bet on it working? What odds will you give? 50-1? 100-1? Har har har.

But seriously, if 5.30 is the answer to all the PD 5.xx problems and Matrox has secretly been viewing the forums and noting our problems then wayhey, you'll be the first to know. If not, then I'll probably be on for a moan http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

Any news on success/failure/hints n tips would be helpful.

Cheers dears


Le Bodge
11th October 1999, 12:53
I've just installed PD 5.30 on Win98.

Used the uninstaller first, select the driver info file to install the drivers as normal and.... it didn't recognise my G400 Max dualhead. I had to ask it to show me all the drivers and choose it. It then warned me that it probably wasn't showing as compatible, but seems to work fine....???

Has anyone else experienced this?