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4th October 1999, 18:36
I think I have the same problem as Jerome. My powerdesk will not load now. It used to. And I uninstalled and reinstalled all the drivers like Matrox said. I use the old ones that came with the cd for my Marvel G200. They work okay for standard video but I can't get into Powerdesk and Videotools says I am at 4bit color and won't run because of that, which is impossible. I don't know what to do. I haven't done anything different. And system settings says I'm using the mga64 drivers like I'm supposed to, so what gives?

5th October 1999, 09:57
Jennifer: What did you install the last time(s)?? Any program that needs 256 colours or what? Sys Specs? Anything you updated, BIOS of MoBo, BIOS of Marvel? New drivers for the Marvel?


6th October 1999, 01:54

There is in my humble opinion a problem with the Powerdesk 5 installation procedures.

I have removed Powerdesk 4 using the procerdure on Matrox's site and repeated here.

I have tried Powerdesk 5.20, 5.21 and 5.25.

When the system reboots after installing Powerdesk I get the message that a windows exeption error has occured and that I must restart, then I get the 'It is safe to turn off your pc" logo screen. If I now reboot 95 wants to go to save mode. If I select normal it comes up in standard VGA 640 x 480 and tells me the installed video driver does not support your video board. I have emailed Matrox support in the UK and they suggested playing with the AGP aperture size setting in the BIOS, but to no avail.

Here is a copy of the email that I sent to Matrox, it has my system config in it.

Here's hoping someone can help

Installing 433c of Powerdesk works fine!
From: Jim Hutton [mailto:Jim.Hutton@jshsupportltd.clara.net]
Sent: 04 October 1999 14:34
To: graphic.tech.uk@matrox.com
Subject: Problem with MGA G200 and Powerdesk 5
Importance: High

To whom it may concern.

When I try to install Powerdesk 5 on my PC I get a windows exception error and my system shuts down after the reboot initiated by the Powerdesk 5 installation program.

I have been through the complete manual deinstall process documented on your website several times but I always get the same result.

This PC works fine with Powerdesk Revision 4.33.045, but not with Powerdesk Revision 5.21.017
It also behaves perfectly well with Powerdesk 4.21/Display Driver 4.00.1381.4210 (4.21.075) under Windows NT Workstation 4+SP5.

OS Windows 95/NT 4.0 Dual Boot
Motherboard ASUS P2B-S Rev 1.02, BIOS 1010, As far as I can see this motherboard does not have a AGPFS jumper
Matrox Millenium G200 AGB, 8MB, 250MHZ RAMDAC, SN CCQ51727
Matrox VGA BIOS 2.6.20
Diamond Monster II (8MB)

6th October 1999, 16:04

Be sure that under : Control panel - system -performance - graphics, that your acceleration is set to full.


8th October 1999, 19:59
Jennifer, what are your system specs? Are you running 95 or 98? It might help if you would reinstall 95/98 and then try again with a clean system.

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