View Full Version : 5.21 Drivers Installation Problem

4th September 1999, 11:08
I've just tried to install v5.21 drivers for a Matrox G200.
I'm using an Intel PII 300 with Win98.
The previous version I was using was 4.51 which I uninstalled using the uninstall utility.
When I run the Setup.exe I get the following error message:

Matrox Setup

An error has occured while loading the Setup DLL files.
Make sure that the files "SetupRes.dll", "Setup32.dll" and "Setup16.dll" are in the same directory than the "Setup.exe" file.

Press OK to terminate the application.

All the setup files are in \mgafold\w9x_521 (including the above files).
Anybody got any idea what's wrong?

Thanks in advance

7th October 1999, 12:10
I saw the exact same problem yesterday when attempting to install the 5.20 drivers. Has anyone solved this yet?