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28th September 1999, 16:51
I cant use Matrox DVD anymore. It simply quits with a message like "Another application prevents using of DVD" or something like that. DVD worked directly before DirectX 7 installation and works still with PowerDVD and my Hollywood+.

My configuration: Asus P2B-S, P2-450, Win98, Toshiba 1201DVD (SCSI), Teac R55S, Teac 532S, Matrox 5.25 driver, G400-DH with 32MB.

Btw: Cinemaster seems not to like my PC. It took me (before DirectX 7) 6 minutes (six!!!) to start Matrox DVD when a DVD (Antz) was already inserted in my drive.
I noticed 3 complete SCSI-resets in this 6 minutes and my computer is completely unusable, no other application reacts in this time.
There are no such proplems with Xing, PowerDVD or my Hollywood+. I suppose Cinemaster don't likes one of my SCSI CD or DVD drives.

Is it possible to tell Cinemaster the right drive letter or SCSI-ID of my DVD drive before launching it?

30th September 1999, 22:17
Sounds like a problem with either your SCSI chain (e.g. Termination, Cable length, SCSI settings in either the Adaptec BIOS or the device settings in device manager)or the
DVD-ROM itself. Using a P2B-S, tell us about your cabling including possible external devices, Termination and length of the NarrowSCSI chain

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