View Full Version : Only 60 Hz on second head

22nd September 1999, 12:35
I've just got my new G400-DH card. Can anyone tell me how to use more than 60 Hz on the second display?
I've turned the "DualHead clone" mode on but can't figure out how to raise the refresh rate on the second display.
Both heads are connected to my Eizo T560i-T92
(no plug and play, that may be the problem) via a normal VGA and a BNC cable. This monitor can easely support more than 90 Hz in 1024*768 and I can test Matrox monitor settings on my second head with more than 60 Hz, but it forgets them instantly as soon as I try to use the new refresh rates.

My Specs:
P2-450, Win98, Eizo/Nanao T560i-T92 (no plug & play!), Powerdesk 5.25.

Any help for disabling the second head 60 Hz limitation for a non plug&play monitor would be great.

22nd September 1999, 22:40
I wanted to use the second head for my Voodoo 2 and Hollywood+ pass through cables. I dont use them on my primary display because of the image degradation.

I wish there would at least be the option for same refresh rates on both heads (as long as possible) :-(

24th September 1999, 17:29
Crap, I have same troubles. Matrox *badly* needs to have areas so you can specify your monitor and refresh rates for second head. I know in *hardware* it [2nd head] can go up to 1280x1024@85hz.

Also they need to either switch the 'monitor customization files' to an industry standard (cough INFs cough) or add TONS of monitors to that patheticly short list. I can pull 20 monitors offhand from work, home and friends that aren't on that list. Nearly all of those oems/models have Win9x inf files though, which give you the safe rez and refresh ranges.

MATROX: more dualhead features and control! And stop the PD functions from 'resetting' the monitors for every click...turning on dualhead alone blips my monitor 5 times, yet I know it only needs one!