View Full Version : Matrox G400 Max

14th September 1999, 16:20
The computer froze all the time after I installed the driver that come with the board. I downloaded the new driver from matrox website but still get the same result. When I put my old video card back in it work fine...Any one out there know the problem...please let me know...I have a celeron 300a overclock to 450

15th September 1999, 02:33
I'm having the same problem. Mine works fine in win98 but it freezes on boot every time in windows 2000. I guess we'll have to wait for the new drivers.

16th September 1999, 06:49
We kinda need a little more information to help out, like - which mobo, what other peripherals are in your system, BIOS, RAM, which OS (hint - if you're running Win95, make sure you have the USB update installed),yada yada yada.

On the Win2000 issue, Matrox hasn't released drivers yet. From what I recall, the WinNT 4 drivers may work, but not well.

Under System Information, check Device Properties to see if there's any conflicts. If your soundcard and the G400 are sharing the same IRQ, you may need to assign the G400 to a separate IRQ.