View Full Version : Marvel G200 & 5.21

8th September 1999, 17:50
Hi, I installed the 5.21 version of Matrox PowerDesk, and the PC-VCR component no longer functions, no matter what my color depth is set to, it tells me that it does not run in 4-bit color (recommend 16-bit color - which I run). I drop back down to 4.33 (yes, I know its old), and things are just fine again... Anyone have any thoughts on this one?
Also, is there any reason any of the version 5 drivers don't appear on the official Matrox site? (are they beta still or something?)

12th September 1999, 17:09
Almost 4 days, and no replies.... is there noone else who has a Marvel G200? or should this be in a different forum? It appears there are programmers working on the softare hanging around the forum... have you seen this, or am I going to be stranded?

12th September 1999, 17:20
You'd be better off asking in the Destop Video forum I would think.