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5th September 1999, 15:43
After I loaded 5.21 Windoze98 became a little confused and didn't see my PNP monitor (Acer 78i3) for a few reboots. During this time PD 5.21 let me choose some ridiculously big resolutions (1920x1024 or some such thing). They ran just fine with my monitor at 60Hz. And things like Word and Excel were as snappy as usual.

Now I wouldn't want to run at these resolutions regularily, but for page layout previews in Word and Excel, I thought they were brilliant.

So my question is, Windoze has again found my Acer 78ie, and I don't get resolution selections above 1280x1024; how can I trick Windoze and PD to give me the larger resolution selections?



6th September 1999, 00:17
tell windoze u have a bigger monitor (21")

6th September 1999, 17:58
Selecting a windows monitor which does NOT match your monitor might damage it - there is a better alternative:

All you need to do is to use the Matrox Monitor utility to add the missing resolutions.

Simply select the "adjust a different resolution" wizard, and select the resolution you want to add (it should be listed as "unavailable". You will be able to select the refresh rate best matching your monitor.

Happy tuning!

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7th September 1999, 10:46
Thanks Phoenix,

Worked like a charm...