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3rd September 1999, 03:54
Where is the Virtual Desktop?
I didn't manage to put the old
desktop size 2048*1536 I used with the 4.xx Pdesk..

Did they delete this option in the 5.xx Pdesk?

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3rd September 1999, 05:43
Yes, they did. I believe Microsoft now requires that virtual desktop support be removed from the display driver in order to qualify it for Windows 98 certification. This is due to potential compatibility issues with Windows 98's multiple monitor support.

I'm not sure if PowerDesk 5.xx still has virtual desktop support when installed under Windows 95. My guess would be no, but you never know.

3rd September 1999, 12:35
I for one, has been an avid user of the virtual desktop feature, in fact, it's one of the main reasons I have stuck with matrox since the millenium days. Currently I have switched to NT4.0 SP5 as the new 4.22 NT drivers STILL has virtual desktop feature.

It's just sad that this won't be retianed in the Win9x platform, and likely not Win2000?

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3rd September 1999, 16:02
It's not the scrolling window deal, but you could always try my program to get the X style varient of virtual desktops.

3rd September 1999, 18:29
Thanks Himself,

I have been looking for an app exactly like yours! Just have been using different variants of it with no satisfactory results to my taste. I will give your's a try right now!