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mr Pither
18th July 1999, 22:08
Hi all.

I have posted about this problem earlier, without
much success, and I'm trying again now that
people have had time to familiarize with PD5...

My problem, see system specs at the end:

After going through the installation instructions of
Kruzin/Matrox to the letter, when finally
restarting after the PD5 installation,
Windows does not load anymore.
It goes on until the desktop is supposed to appear,
but then completely freezes with a black screen.
Sometimes there is an error message about a
"windows protection error at blaa blaa",
and sometimes not, just black screen.

Whether I use the uninstaller or the "manual" approach
does not make any difference. However, I can always
easily return to the 4.33c drivers, in which case
I have no problems whatsoever. I've had my SS7+G200
combination for almost a year now, and I've gone through
all the driver versions and BIOSes etc. Now I am at the
point where I don't have problems with games or other
software. Except that with PD5 nothing works. I really
thought I had finally mastered my system, but here we go again...

Not that it matters so much. I've waited for the ICD about a year
now, so a couple of weeks more do not make any difference.
As I said, 4.33c drivers work without problems, so I get by with them fine,
but I'd still like to know the what can cause such a total
malfunction in my system...

My normal solution at this point would have been format c:\, and then reinstalling
Windows 98, but I can't do it now, since I have some other stuff installed on c that I can't lose http://forums.gagames.com/forums/frown.gif
(not until the end of summer, but I'd rather not wait that long...)

Does anyone else have this problem ?
I know I'm in a minority with my SS7 -board here...

My system:

AMD k6-2 300
ASUS P5A (bios 1007)
Millenium G200 AGP (bios 2.3)
128 MB RAM
SB 16 ISA (old, I know)
Hyundai 15Pro
Windows 98

previously had 4.33c certified drivers,
no ICD beta installed

18th July 1999, 22:36
strange ...

try one more uninstallation using the uninstaller.
after reboot, cancel that request of installing a standard PCI gfx adapter.

goto your 'windows\inf\other' directory and see if there's any Matrox*.inf file, if so, delete it and install PD5.13 via the setup.exe.


Another idea would be to find out whether your MoBo requires any kind of Busmastering and/or AGP drivers ... check that and update if neccessary.


I used to have some posts in my record and hopefully some of the guys 'n' girls will still know me and my system ...

mr Pither
21st July 1999, 20:30
It worked ! ...if only for a moment.

This is weird. For a while, the new
drivers worked like a dream. I got the
new powerdesk. I rebooted couple of times,
and it still worked. Games worked: Unreal ran
with D3D better than ever. Half-Life ran
with OpenGL without any problems or hiccups.
Playability was smoother and it looked better.
No garbled textures or twitches with sound effects.
Nor Colin McRae Rally or Thief had those corrupted
textures that appeared with 4.51 drivers.
They also seemed to run a bit faster.

Then I shut down the computer, a happy man.
Three hours later it did not work anymore.
It's a bit different this time. Windows
loads "fine", but the desktop graphics are
a mess. Its like a TV on a dead channel, only with
rainbow colours. You cant even tell the icons from
the backround...

Again back with the 4.33c drivers with no
problems. When I have time, I'll try again...

So, the only thing different compared
to what I did earlier was not to allow
windows to install the standard VGA/PCI adapter.
Why this is such a crucial point ?
What is the big difference between 4.33 and 5.13
that makes 4.33 so reliable and 5.13 so unreliable?

Another thing is that the PD5 installer didn't
seem to work. It appeared to "finish" the install
without copying any files anywhere.
( i.e. the "install" time was just a blink )
In the reboot, Windows still started to search for
drivers for the "new" display adapter. I pointed
it to the "mgafold" directory and it found
PD5 and only then proceeded to install it
properly. So the previous attempt with the PD5
"setup" didn't do anything, it seems.

And then the drivers worked fine for a moment
and then stopped working again... go figure!

Note: As far as I understand, I have the newest
AGP/Busmastering drivers from ASUS, and according
to their homepage my BIOS version (the newest)
should have all the compatibility problems with the
Ali Aladdin chipset and G200 based
video cards solved. Yes of course http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

Propably going to post more questions
in the future...

21st July 1999, 23:32
do you use a SCSI interface ?
if so, make sure the termination is set up properly ...

do you have any PCI card stuck into the slot right next to the AGP port ?
if so, try to plug that into another slot and leave the one next to AGP empty ...


Asus P2B-S @ 112MHz FSB - Bios 1009 final
Celeron300A @ 504Mhz
128MB 7ns SDRAM
G400 DualHead 32MB SGRAM @ 201 MHz memory clock

I'll be on holiday for the coming three weeks and I miss you folks already ;-)

25th July 1999, 14:01
Gee. these questions and remarks are way too long!! http://forums.gagames.com/forums/wink.gif Just make sure that FRAME BUFFER POST WRITE is disable in your BIOS. You can also disable pipeline caching. Be sure to have all the latest Bus Mastering and AGP patches..