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21st July 1999, 01:04
OK, this is probly the wrong place for this but I wanted to see if anyone else has this problem. Ever since I installed my G400 32meg DH OEM card, I have had occaisional problems with Netscape repeatedly crashing. I load page A and 5 mins later it crashes. So I load Page A again, crash....load again, crash....ok, so I load page B...crash....then I load page A again.....no crash and I continue looking around and it doesn't crash at all. Odd thing: I load page A in IE5 and no crash. One thing the sites have in common is they display ads. Could that be the culprit? Its gotten seriously unstable since installing the G400.

BTW, I'm running Netscape 4.61, Win98, and PD 5.13

21st July 1999, 03:24
I have the same problem with some pages. These pages use much scripting and some plugins (flash, midi). One solution for me is to reinstall Netscape then it works for some time without problems (1-2weeks, after the next crash there is the same problem). To locate the reason of this strange behaviour could be difficult because of the many technics used by these pages, so I reinstall and reinstall and ...
Please let me know if you have another solution.


NS4.61 expecting 5,Win98 SE build 2222.a, PD 5.13

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21st July 1999, 11:22
NS 4.61 seems to have some serious problems handling scripts. I've had a lot of complaints about the scripts on the site causing problems in Netscape 4.61 which simply don't occur with NS 4.5 or indeed any other browser.

22nd July 1999, 01:28
Well, I did a full reinstall of 4.61 and most problems went away. I suspect they'll be back tho. I did install 4.61. I really like Netscape but if worse comes to worse I'll switch to IE5 for a while.


22nd July 1999, 02:43
Netscape is known to have problems with large tables as well (large threads, or the murc news page after a month). Or tables in tables in tabels in... Let's hope NS5 will do better, cause for now IE5 is my favoutite browser. I don't think the G400 or its drivers are to blame for this.

23rd July 1999, 01:07
Cool....just wanted to make sure.

23rd July 1999, 16:21
NS5 sure makes it much better. the new engine (I took a look at it) is now better than that of the IE5 and it's still under development! The only reason why I don't use it now is that the userinterface is not ready.

I'm a WebDesigner and I know the issue with nested table's but if a page is welldesigned there is no need for nested tables and if the tables are not too complex NS can handle them without problems.

And please don't use IE it's the greatest bullshit to program for I've ever seen. The pages (scripts) work different on each OS if they work. If you look for an alternate browser try Opera it's very stable and it's conform to the most standards (more than NS below 5 and IE).