View Full Version : Stranges Thing with PD5, Win98SE

19th July 1999, 23:49
First I have tryed Win98SE for one week and
it wasn't very superbe. I just can't play game using directx, they could freeze in 15 mn or 2 mn. Very Strange

Second I have re-install on Win98 (Normal) when the PD5 where gone and I have bought a Creative Dxr3 card (Encore 6x Kit). And I have lot of problems who seem to be gone when i be back to 4.51 :

Can't soft-restart my windows (it could freeze or it could diplay a superbe red on black picture on the top of the screen before hang).
The DVD playing sequence tend to crash.

Config :
Asus P2B, Cel 300A @ 333
64 Megs SDRAM
Win 98 @ Linux Redhat (kernel 2.2.5)
Pioneer 36X slot-in
Iomega Scsi Zip 100 in.
8,4 Go and 1,7 IBM
SB AWE 32 / SB Live !