View Full Version : Quicktime 16Bit Problems

3rd July 1999, 07:15
Does anyone out there have a workaround for getting Quicktime 16bit (not the 32bit or 4.0 versions - they work fine) to work with either the 4.51 or 5.13 G200 drivers? Matrox has been aware for many months that running ANY Quicktime 16bit based program would immediately cause the Windows 95/98 Blue Screen of death. I thought Matrox would fix this problem with their 5.13 drivers. But, of course, they haven't. And please don't respond to this message with something like, "Just stop using QuickTime 16bit"...that's not an option!! We are forced to continue using the 4.33C drivers (they work with QT 16bit) until Matrox sees fit to fix this HUGE bug. Anyone out there have a workaround until they do? Thanks!

Alexander Dubeniuk
3rd July 1999, 17:07
Yes, there is a fix. Look previous posts

(you need to edit qtw.ini in windows dir,
and put something like optimize=DIB or alike,
don't remember now)