View Full Version : PD5 issues (my experience)

2nd July 1999, 01:34
Install issues:
Couldn't get it to work at first. Purged all the matrox files in windows\system and windows\inf\other, and the HKLM\CurrentSoftware\Matrox field, but didn't purge any other registry locations. PD5 installed, but had one issue--I couldn't get out of 60Hz! PD5 kept claiming I was in different refreshes, but I was stuck in 60Hz no matter what mode. Purging all the Matrox keys in the registry and reinstalling seemed to clean it up.

OpenGL issues:
Since my PD4 uninstall didn't work, still had the 'mgaicd.dll' key in the registry as the OpenGL driver. PD5 put another field in there, g200icd.dll (whatever the name is), but I assume Windows assumed the first one was the default, even though the file did not exist. Purging the mgaicd field fixed that.

Monitor issue:
Hitachi CM600 monitor + 75Hz refresh rate has a _weird_ effect in 1024X768. There are wavy scanlines that undulate in a diagonal direction across the monitor. Does not behave that way in 70Hz. I might try treating it like a Hitachi CM611 monitor (basically the same monitors) and see if PD5 is happier with it. I didn't get a chance to try 85Hz at that resolution.