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17th April 1999, 17:40
just curious what settings everyone was using in the powerdesk and advanced options in the MOC utility

what improvements, if any, do the different options add? I have had some bad experiences playing around with them and was just curious if anyone would like to help.

Gothic-Nazi out

Alexander Dubeniuk
24th June 1999, 23:06
I have a list of all the registry settings,
but don't have (yet) the full description.
Treat this list as Work-In-Progress document.

get it @ members.xoom.com/mr_stranger/mo.html)

hope this list will be corrected by someone
like kruzin, phoenix, etc...

p.s. this list of options is valid for v 4.51 of the PowerDesk ONLY, although some of them are sure exist in the other driver versions...

Markus Selchow
25th June 1999, 00:04
Hi Alexander,

nice job you did there http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

I could update your missing options, but withthe upcoming build (PD5.x) the location and flags have changed ...

If you still wnat to fiddle a bit with PD4.x, open up regedit, goto [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Matrox\PowerDesk\Curre nt Settings], create a string called 'ShowMeAllMatrox', set it to '1' and check your PowerDesk-options ...

Now there are a couple of more entries in red letters http://forums.gagames.com/forums/smile.gif

maybe some explanations:

BES = Back End Scaler ... hardware accelerated filtering when playing video files in fullscreen mode

IndeoAsYUV = same as above for Indeo codecs

Anisotropic filtering is not supported since PD 4.26

32b Zbuffer changes between 32bit (1) and 16bit (0)

D3DRendering = Subpixel accuracy (on/off)

Analog Joystick is a remain of older gfx cards and is the predecessor of Busmastering (leave at default !)


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Alexander Dubeniuk
27th June 1999, 22:40
Thanks for the info, Maggi. I have updated the page accordingly.

By the way, don't you know about how to become a matrox beta-tester ?

Alexander Dubeniuk
27th June 1999, 22:43
To Maggi:
can you please post the 5.x flags (which you know, of course)?

i will include it in the separate table,
for "old" 4.x drivers and for "new" 5.x ...

Markus Selchow
29th June 1999, 20:44
Hi Alex,

maybe when it's released ... (NDA)


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Alexander Dubeniuk
29th June 1999, 21:21
Thanks anyway, Maggi.

Btw, is (NDA) ends after matrox releases drivers to the public?