View Full Version : Why does my G200 fail to overclock?

31st March 2001, 10:14
Hi! I have ripped a G200 from a broken Compaq system, it's one of those heatsink-less SDRAM Millenniums. Anyway, the PLL is set at 124MHz and the board runs at 62MHz core 124MHz memory. Anyway, although the MGATweak (1.20b) apparently changes core/mem frequency, I see no improvement in benchmarks (I have tried a few, at 640x480 in case you're wondering about this). Are Compaq G200's "locked"?

31st March 2001, 22:07
Oh! I forgot to mention that Matrox's tweak util MTSTU418 actually underclocks my card instead of overclocking it (according to MGA Tweak). Strange.