View Full Version : g4oo overclocking

17th March 2001, 08:34
Are you using the defult memory setings? If yes try changing them it will give you a nice "speed boost"!

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17th March 2001, 09:30
We have a forum dedicated to tweaking with MGATweak.
You can find this thread over there now.

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17th March 2001, 10:06
I got my G400 SH 32mb card overclocked to 150.75 Grapich clock nad 201.00 memory clock... If I'm not completely mistaken, that is the same speed as the MAX version of the card... All I have done is I added a normal cpu fan to the heatsink... A slight performance increase, but my prosessor (P400cel) was dragging the scores down in 3Dmark...
BTW, I suggest putting the fan slightly towards the side of the heatsink, so that the "dead" spot of the fan wont be right where the hottest part is...
I could perhaps get even better readings, but I'm not after the speed... =)


17th March 2001, 16:16
i like to ask, using the MGA tweak and placing a fan on the stock heatsink, i managed to obtain 144mhzcore/190 memory (120 percent.) now is the card really running at this speed?

17th March 2001, 16:41

It should be. Try some benchmarks and see if its faster.

17th March 2001, 16:48
my 3d mark2000 had an increase of 200 points.
anyway is it recommended to place heat sinks on the ram?

17th March 2001, 16:56
It does improve cooling and you will probably be able to crank up the memory speed a bit more, and if you are lucky be able to clock the card at Max settings (150/200)

17th March 2001, 16:58
By the way, what CPU do you got?

17th March 2001, 22:05
now that i placed another HSF combo on to the GPU at the back, what is probably the maximum speed for O/C (in percentage please)

18th March 2001, 22:30
The Matrox tweak 4.14? told that with current settings im overclocking 149%. I use Mgat for tweaking.

18th March 2001, 23:12
sepek, one some systems MTST Util 4.14 reads incorrect so they released version 4.18 to correct for this error.

19th March 2001, 23:39
does anyone know if a thermaltake blue orb can fit perfectly on a g400?
it will be great if anyone can post this picture