View Full Version : PowerDesk Resolution Manager broken with 6.50 drivers

1st March 2001, 18:20
It has come to my attention that PowerDesk Resolution Manager no longer works with the recently released version 6.50 drivers for Windows 9x/Me. There currently does not seem to be any problems using PowerDesk Resolution Manager 4.0 with the latest 5.51 drivers for Win2k.

At this time I do not know if the custom resolution feature in Win9x was simply moved to a different place in the registry for the 6.50 drivers or if it was disabled altogether, either by design or because of a bug.

I normally run Windows 2000 as my desktop operating system, so it will take me some time to perform a Windows Me installation on a separate partition and debug the issue with PowerDesk Resolution Manager and the 6.50 drivers for Win9x. Once I come up with an answer, and hopefully a fix as well, I will be sure to let all of you know via a forum post.

Thanks for your patience!

Mark Veneziano

Eric Walter
2nd March 2001, 03:15

All this applies to Win98SE:

In PD6.50 it is not sufficient to just create the registry entry in videoparameters. You need to also create entries for the 8/16/24/32 modes for the new resolution. Only then will the new resolution be recognized.

BTW, with PD6.50, for the first time, I have been able to get CLONE mode running for a custom resolution of 720x768. Strangely, I could not clone 1440x768, even though cloning 1600x1200 works. Therefore I don't quite see which limit I'm exceeding with 1440x768.

I'm experimenting with these resolutions for sharper DVD playback on a CRT projector.


2nd March 2001, 21:41
Hi Eric,

Thanks for the info. I have verified this behavior now with a quick Windows Me installation and the 6.50 drivers.

I also noticed that once all the appropriate registry keys for the custom resolution have been added, even though the resolution will show up in Display Properties | Settings right away, a reboot is required to tweak the timings for the custom resolution using Display Properties | Advanced | Monitor Settings.

As for the problems you are having cloning 1440x768, I'm afraid I don't have an answer. It seems that DualHead is very unpredictable with the resolutions it allows on the second head.

Thanks again for the information! I should have a fix for this in a day or two, assuming I don't get too busy.

Mark Veneziano