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26th November 2000, 08:30
Hi, my old system is the following:

Mommybo' Intel with LX chipset
PII 233mhz
64mb SDRAM
HD Quantum Fireball lct10 10GB
On-mommybo' soundcard
MatroxG400 32MB DH videocard
Directx7.0a it

I have both MGAT Tweak version 1.20 Beta Release Build 018 and Matrox Tweak Utility version 1.12. How should I use them in order to max overclock my Matrox?

I'd like to be given some parameters to better set MGAT options.

I have Powerdesk version 5.52 and TurboGL version 1,30,0,2 set to increase OpenGL speed.

Many thanks ppl, and have a nice next week http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif

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26th November 2000, 08:47
Most people here will say use MGATweak.
It even has it's own forum here....MGA Tools.

As this post is about tweaking with MGATweak, and not about specific game issues, this thread will be relocated to the MGA Tools forum.

ps - welcome aboard http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/smile.gif