View Full Version : MgaTweak ?

26th April 2000, 10:55
Hi, I'm a happy user of MgaTweak and have found my own better performace/still stable settings.

What I was wondering was, is there anyway of getting these tweaks to load at startup without MgaTweak actualy loading (i.e. saved to registry as part of PD)?

This could save valuable resorces and stop anyone else from tweaking by accident as MgaTweak wouldn't be running.

29th April 2000, 18:36
I wanted to know the same thing! I suppose I could figure out how to "hack the registry". But I haven't had time for that yet.

Anyone else have any suggestions?

I know the Matrox Tweak Utility does it this way. It modifies the registry. However, it only changes values for memory timing.

The real question is can you get the "clock monitoring" without MGA Tweak loaded in memory. Otherwise, I'd imagine the drivers would just change the dividers back to standard when you loaded a program that altered either resolution or color depth (Just like most games do!).