View Full Version : MGATweak vs Matrox Tweak Util

5th February 2000, 11:50
I'm just wondering what people have had better success with. I'm currently using the Matrox util set at 110% with my G400 SH and it's giving me no problems. Is it worth fooling around with MGA tweak and its settings?

7th February 2000, 14:02
Yes, MGATweak is WAY better than matrox tweak utility as you can adjust your memory settings for a boost before even starting to o/c http://forums.murc.ws/ubb/wink.gif

PIII-500mhz @ 620 ! with an Abit BE6 mobo
128mb pc-100
Mill G400 (vanilla!!!) 32mb @ 167/208 with MGATweak-417mhz, (2.5, 2, 2.5), PD 5.41 & bios 1.5-22
Maxtor 14.3 gb Uata66 hdd
SB Live!
Winblows 98se & DX7
32 lbs. of fans, heatsinks and aluminum ductwork :o
3DMark Result 5954.69 3DMarks
Synthetic CPU 3D Speed 9325.69 CPU 3DMarks
Rasterizer Score 2791.72 3DRasterMarks
Game 1 - Race 65.07 FPS
Game 2 - First Person 54.89 FPS
Fill Rate 268.79 MTexels/s

7th February 2000, 14:46
How does Powerstrip compare to these other tools? I use it with my G200 and have it at 133/68. Can I tweak other stuff to make it run faster with these other programs?