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22nd December 1999, 15:53
I'm having serious problem tweaking or getting more performance out of the marvel g400. I know it's not a max but does 16megs of mem make that much of a difference in performance. I've been looking at some of you guys benchark results (3dmark2000) and i been seeing scores like 5000> on a g400 max. Why is it that i can only score a 1203. I'm getting desperate. I even overclocked my k6-2 350mhz to 450mhz, downloaded the tweak followed the instructions in the pdf file and still no gain in speed. here's a small description of my system, tell me what i need to upgrade for a FASTER system as far as graphics and gaming.......

AMD K6-2 350@450mhz 96 meg ram and a Marvel G400 TV

Thanks ..

23rd December 1999, 20:22
Well, I have a Marvel G400, been awhile since I benchmarked it with 3dmark2000, but I got about 3900 or something like that, and didn't over clock my card at all. Of course I'm running a Celeron 466@525. and I have 128 megs of Ram. Two suggestions to get it higher, upgrade to more RAM. 128 is excellent. I might be going to 256 when I get the money. And secondly, make sure your AGP Apeture in your bios is set to 256. at least I read that somewhere and mine is set to that now, and it flies. Is 69.9 fps in Quake 2 640x480x32 fast? *laughs* makes me sick watching the timedemo. Anyhow, good luck.

26th December 1999, 14:11
Thanks for your reply. I changed my aputure size to 256 and a upgraded my memory from 96 to 160 MEGS RAM. Still tweaked or un-tweaked i only get around 1200 on 3dmark 2000. is there any way i can dedicate some of this memory to video? Does bus-mastering make a differce? if so, how can i turn it off and is it better to have the agp port speed at 1x or 2x.....again thanks for your reply and help.

27th December 1999, 08:02
1:Your problem is not the memmory!
2:Yes Bus-Mastering will help! Enabel it from the display properties!
3:AGP 1x 2x 10x who cares? You won't notice any speed increase!
4:The G400 Max is faster becouse it's higer clocked then the MARVEL!(a MAX would not raise your 3dmark)
5:Your problem is the processor it will not matter how high you clock your card becouse the processor can't keep up with the graphicscard!