View Full Version : Settings for a MAX?

9th November 1999, 20:23
Right now im running at PLL Clock 333 MHz.
GCLK = 166.50
MCLK = 222.00
WCLK = 166.50

it runs at 340, but it gets some artifacts on the screen. Are there any Optimizations or misc controls i can tweak to get some more speed outta my card. are the artifacts cause by overheating, or just pushing the card to hard. Would adding my dual 80mm card cooler help me get the speeds higher.

PIII 450 @ 464
generic BX6 motherboard
G400 MAX : )
Maxtor 13 gig UDMA 33
Maxtor 13 gig UDMA 66
Creative 36x CD-ROM
HP 2x2x6x CD-RW
64 megs PC100 RAM
Intel 10/100
Soundblaster 32 AWE
DiamondMAX 56k
Logitech Wireless Desktop (best $50 ive ever spent)
4 large fans.